Batches or continuous?

Batch operation for top uniformity

Cold or preheated gas or a fluid-gas mixture flows into the bottom chamber of the fluidized bed reactor. The pressure and flow parameters determined in the lab are transferred to the exchangeable fluid-gas distribution plate. The fluidized bed reactor can be heated either electrically or via an external combustion chamber divided into several heating zones. A so-called freeboard is located above the fluidized bed functioning as a sedimentation zone for heavier particles. The reaction gas is cleaned of very fine particles through hot gas candle filters. The candle filters are equipped with a blow back system and are cleaned sequentially. The solids thus remain in the reactor until drained through the product drainage valve integrated in the bottom.

If purging of particulate matter is required, the filtration unit can be placed outside the reactor. Alternatively, separation via cyclone is possible. Cooling and heat transfer systems which can be integrated are available for strongly exothermal reactions.

Continuous operation for maximum economy

SCHWING also offers multistage fluidized bed reactors for continuous chemical reactions. These multistage reactors can be designed for calcining or drying powders or granulates with up to 150 theoretical mixing stages.

Based on a special flow and dwell concept the multistage systems achieve such a product uniformity as could so far only be realized through batch operation. At the same time, the economic advantages of continuous processes can be fully utilized at the large technical scale. The system is especially suitable for products where the quality depends very much on the treatment time.

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