Fluidized bed process technique

Functional layout of a SCHWING fluidized bed reactor
Figure: Functional layout of a SCHWING fluidized bed reactor

The many years of experience of thermal cleaning gave birth to the idea to use fluidized bed technology also to perform chemical reactions at high temperatures. Based on the scalable gas distribution plate SCHWING  dimensions the systems according to the respective requirement profile. State-of-the-art measuring and control technology of the SCHWING fluidized bed reactors ensures precise process control and reproducibility of the thermo-chemical processes where temperatures up to 1100 °C or process pressures up to 15 bar as well as the use of aggressive media are possible.

If required, periodically cleaned hot gas filters for the cleaning of the waste gas and recycling of the solids are integrated in the fluidized bed of the reactors. The fluidized bed systems can be operated both discontinuously and continuously.


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